In Memory of Professor Denis Mitchison

8 August 2018

Professor Denis Mitchison was one of the world’s great TB researchers whose long and highly distinguished academic career included the first ever randomised, controlled drug trial in the 1940s, the development of drug regimens for tuberculosis that are still in use today, new approaches to the successful evaluation of effective treatments, and proposed mechanisms to explain why tuberculosis remains such a hard to treat infection and which today underpin our approach to TB eradication. 

UCL-TB joins with other researchers, health care workers, patients and civil society in mourning his death at the age of 98.  Marc Lipman, Director of UCL-TB said: “Professor Mitchison was a remarkable clinical scientist who remained fascinated by tuberculosis and how to beat it throughout his life.  He both inspired and assisted generations who are now continuing this fight.  It is fitting that in the same year as the NHS’ 70th anniversary, there is the first United Nations General Assembly meeting on tuberculosis – both of which I am sure would have delighted him.”

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