The IMPACT Study

Treatment for tuberculosis (TB) lasts a minimum of six months. Taking medicines regularly every day, over this time, can be a challenge for many people. We don’t know who may need support in taking medication. The IMPACT study, funded by NIHR, sets out to understand more about these issues and improve our understanding of patient needs, from the point of diagnosis to the end of treatment in the UK.

The main purpose of the study is to test a new way to support people through treatment for TB in four TB clinics in London.  We will compare a new method of treatment using a package of information and support measures, and we will compare these with the usual National Health Service (NHS) care that takes place in TB clinics.

The IMPACT Study intervention measures have been designed to address the issues that were raised by patients, carers and healthcare professionals that we interviewed in our formative work undertaken in London, Edinburgh and Southampton in 2019.  In addition to directly shaping the new measures that we will be trialling, the interviews provide a rich source of information about the lived experience of TB both from the perspectives of patients, carers and healthcare professionals. 

Our presentation ‘Voices from the Frontline’  provides a unique insight into the experience of TB in the UK and will ultimately influence how we can better enable patients to understand tuberculosis, overcome stigma and unhelpful beliefs, and improve their adherence to medication.

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