Bookmarks for taxonomy projects, concentrating on butterflies, Lepidoptera & insects, and other useful/similar/database projects

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Major projects
Ambitions abound, but this site, started ca. 2004, documents many defunct sites, as well as survivors

ALL Species Foundation (now apparently defunct)
American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) see if you can find the taxonomic databases! (The Internet archive). The Wayback Machine maybe can find a favourite defunct web taxonomic database. Can find all BHL books, as well as everything else.
ASC (Association of Systematics Collections) now apparently defunct; see NSC Alliance
BioCASE (Biological Collection Access Service for Europe). Expands on idea of ENHSIN below
BioCISE (predecessor of BioCASE, 'Seite nicht gefunden,' now defunct)
Biodiversity and Biological Collections. 'Devoted to information of interest to systematists..', now defunct
BHL (Biodiversity Heritage Library). Older books reprinted in full, inc. systematics. Wonderful!
Butterfly Net International (Andy Brower; now defunct after moving to Louisiana)
Catalogue of Life. All living organisms, wow! Species 2000 and ITIS logos also appear on this website

CETAF (Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities). "Is working on a new site", Jan 2014)
CHM-CBD (Clearing-House Mechanism of the Convention on Biological Diversity)
CONABIO. Complete information on Mexican biodiversity

DIVERSITAS 'An Integrated Programme of Biodiversity Science' (including systematics);
  sponsored by ICSU, SCOPE, IUBS, IUMS & UNESCO-MAB. Existed in 2011; people visited it, but not easy to find now

Dryad Digital Repository. Journals and scientific societies joined evolutionists and ecologists to found this data archive site.
EDIS (Entomological Data Information System), latest update 2005
EoL (Encyclopedia of Life)
GART (Globales Artregister Tagfalter), part of EDIS; continued by GloBIS-D
ENBI (European Network for Biodiversity Information). 'Is the EU contribution to GBIF'
ENHSIN (European Natural History Specimen Information Network): Its London Natural History Museum website is now apparently defunct. See BioCASE above
Entrez Taxonomy Linkout (from NCBI)
EuroCat ('Species 2000 Europa'). EuroCat acronym now defunct probably due to confusion
EuroMed (Plant database for Mediterranean, page no longer found)
Fauna Europaea (database of names & distributions of all multicellular animals in Europe)
GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) *
GloBIS-D / GART (Global Butterfly Information Service - Deutschland)
GTI (Global Taxonomy Initiative, now hosted under the Convention on Biological Diversity)
INBio (Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad, Costa Rica -- extensive specimen databases + taxonomy)

iSpecies (Rod Page's internet taxonomy collator). 19 Jan 2014: 'iSpecies is offline'
MorphBank (Data bank for morphological images)
MSEF (Major Systematic Entomology Facilities). Outdated by more recent projects, now defunct.
The Natural History Museum, London. Formerly BMNH, Research and online collections data
NSC Alliance (National Systematics Collections Alliance, USA)
OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer
Smithsonian (NMNH). Collections databases; older links and some searches do not work
Species 2000. Reputed to use the Species Analyst system below; returns XML output
Species Analyst ( A system for extracting specimen data from multiple, incompatible databases. Website now defunct
TDWG (Taxonomic Databases Working Group). International group on taxonomic databases; laste updates to site ca. 2006
Tree of Life. Open access phylogenetic information system *
TreeBase. Database for phylogeny estimates and phylogenetic data matrices
VIADOCS Project. Card Index digitizing, London NHM + Essex University. Now defunct. The project that resulted in LepIndex
WDCM (World Data Centre for Microorganisms). Older site,, now defunct
WSL (World Species List). Index of many taxonomy-related projects, apparently defunct
Zootaxa (Online journal for zoological taxonomy)

* attractive websites

Taxonomic bibliographies -- see additional page (in progress)

Active taxon-oriented databases

ABRI (Now African Butterfly Database). Previous site apparently defunct
AlgaeBase. (Algae, >130,000 species in database, plus photos etc.) *
AmphibiaWeb. (Amphibian biology and conservation site)
Amphibian Species of the World (AMNH)
Antbase. Around 13,000 spp. of ants, 60,000 names, 360 genera *
Ants of Costa Rica (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
Association for Tropical Lepidoptera
Butterflies and moths of Arizona & N Mexico (Bruce Walsh)
Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles
Butterflies and moths of North America *
BUTMOTH. Butterflies and Moths of the World: Generic Names; ~31,000 genus group names.
HOSTS. A database of the world's lepidopteran hostplants, NHM London.
Caterpillars. Especially Australian ones. Now defunct
Cockayne Database. British Butterflies and their aberrations
Diptera site. BDWD, BioSystematic Database of World Diptera; ~300,000 names, last updated 2005
FishBase *
International Lepidoptera Survey. Scientific & common names, mainly North America. Original website was taken over by a commercial operation, but the project still exists. 'We're busy updating everything, but some of the content is still out of date'
ILDIS and LegumeWeb. Online catalogue of legume names
ITIS. (Integrated Taxonomic Information System)
Jamides. Lycaenidae taxonomic information, Japanese site in English
Lepidoptera and other life forms. Markku Savela; many Lepidoptera names originally mainly from D'Abrera
LepIndex. World list of names for Lepidoptera - digitized London NHM card index, names usually classified to genus only *
LPSN. List of bacterial names with standing in nomenclature
Monteverde Natural History, Costa Rica. William A. Haber; includes list of Ithomiini
Orthoptera Species File. By David Eades, Dan Otte, Piotr Nasrecki; info on >26,000 species, and >43,000 names *
Papilionidae. GloBIS/GART species checklist. Original site now defunct
ScaleNet. Scale insects of the world
Strickland Museum of Entomology. For arthropods of Alberta
Syrph the Net. Syrphidae - formerly impressive database of European syrphids, but many broken links, last updated 1997
TaiBNET. Taiwan Biodiversity National Information Network. May exist, but didn't load.

Tropicos. Tropical plant systematics database, Missouri Botanical Gardens.
Nymphalidae Systematics Group (Wahlberg, Niklas). Taxonomy & phylogeny of Nymphalidae

World spider Catalog. AMNH: 44,540 spp. in 3,924 genera *

* my favourites (based on: cool interface, speed, future potential, coverage and organization, utility and completeness, ...oh, and bias.)

International Codes of Nomenclature

International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
ICZN (International Commission for Zoological Nomenclature)
Bacterial Nomenclature Up-to-date

Bookmarks for genetics and genomics

Animal genome sizes (including Lepidoptera)
EMBL. Nucleotide/genome sequence databases, etc. Mirrors GENBANK
FlyBase. Drosophila gene data
Heliothis genome sequence (Genoptera). Never released to public, now apparently defunct
International Lepidopteran Genome Project. Website not updated since 2002, and now defunct
NCBI (National Center for Biological Information, includes GENBANK and Taxonomy Browser)


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