Müllerian mimicry in Dendrobates frogs near Tarapoto, Peru
(a - c) The three frogs are all putative members of a single species, Dendrobates imitator. Each of these different morphs is sympatric with a different species in a different geographical region. The species with which each morph is sympatric is shown directly below that morph. From left to right, the species in (d - f ) are: Dendrobates variabilis (Tarapoto), Dendrobates fantasticus (Huallaga Canyon) and Dendrobates ventrimaculatus (Yurimaguas).

From: Fig. 1 in Rebecca Symula, Rainer Schulte & Kyle Summers (2001) Molecular phylogenetic evidence for a mimetic radiation in Peruvian poison frogs supports a Müllerian mimicry hypothesis. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 268: 2415-2421.  © The Royal Society.  Shown here by permission of the authors and the Royal Society.

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