Tiger-patternedHeliconius numata and Melinaea mimicry rings in NE Peru

© Mathieu Joron and James Mallet 2000

The photo shows Müllerian mimicry (mutualistic resemblance in which all the species are unpalatable) between forms of Heliconius numata (Nymphalidae: Heliconiinae) and their comimics in the genus Melinaea (Nymphalidae: Ithomiinae) from San Martín, Eastern Peru. Each pair of pictures shows a separate "sub-ring" of the "tiger-patterned" mimicry ring in the area, with the presumed models (each a separate species of Melinaea) above and mimics (H. numatamorphs) below.  See also details of other co-mimics in the melanic upland ring (bottom centre), and the paper by Joron et al. and Mathieu Joron's web page on the maintenance of mimetic polymorphism in Heliconius numata.

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Last updated: 11 Oct 2005