Heliconius postman and rayed mimicry rings in NE Peru

 © James Mallet 1997

The photo shows Müllerian mimicry (mutualistic resemblance in which all the species are unpalatable) between Heliconius melpomene, Heliconius erato, and their comimics in San Martín, Eastern Peru. On the top line are H.melpomene (left) and H.erato (right) from the Ríos Mayo and upper Huallaga. Their pattern switches to join a "rayed" mimicry ring in the lower Huallaga; left - H.melpomene, H.elevatus, H.demeter; centre - Laparus doris, Neruda aoede, Eueides tales and a pericopine moth; right - H.erato, H.burneyi, and H.xanthocles.

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