Dick Vane-Wright

Former Keeper of Entomology
Natural History Museum
... here starring in "Consilience", a video project by Jan Fabre.  The video, now a scarce collectors' item, was shown at the Natural History Museum, London, Thurs 13 January-Tuesday 29 February 2000.  © The Arts Catalyst.

Quoting from the flier issued by the Natural History Museum and Arts Catalyst:

"In the depths of the [Natural History] Museum's vast collections a dialogue has been taking place between eminent entomologists and artist Jan Fabre, great-grandson of the famous naturalist, Jean-Henri Fabre.  Transformed into the insects of their study with exotic costumes/sculpture, the scientists encounter Fabre, himself emissary of the beetle.  The result is A Consilience - a sharing of knowledge across disciplines - manifested in a video installation."

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