Jean-Pierre Vesco's Heliconius hybrids

These specimens were all reared  by Jean-Pierre Vesco in his insectaries.  I am grateful to Mr. Vesco for information and permission to use these photographs.

(Click on specimens below to go to higher resolution pictures and explanations)

(© Jean-Pierre Vesco 2001)

The upper two photos on the left show Heliconius hecale [Costa Rica]x atthis F1 hybrids. The third upper photo shows Heliconius (hecale [Costa Rica]x atthis) backcrossed to atthis.The three upper pictures on the right show Heliconius (hecale [Costa Rica]x atthis) backcrossed to hecale [Costa Rica].The lower pictures show Heliconius (hecale [Costa Rica]x atthis) x melpomene [the variable melpomene stock had acquired some cydno white forewing band genes after hybridization about 10 generations previously].

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