Expertise on butterfly taxonomy

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European Non-European
Bridges, C.A. 1988-1989. Catalogues of Lycaenidae + Riodinidae, Hesperiidae, Papilionidae + Pieridae; lacks Nymphalidae.  Electronic copies exist in BMNH. Checklists: Gerardo Lamas (Peru), Olaf Mielke (Brazil), Bob Robbins (USA), & Curtis Callaghan (USA); Neotropical more or less complete list, in press.

World genus and species group names & types of butterflies: about 69,000, of which 25,000 types are in BM. Database of nomenclature from BMNH cards to 1981: George Beccaloni, UK, in prep. 2002.  Similar databases exist or are in prep. for Geometridae and Pyraloidea. 
(see also George Beccaloni's response to request for information)

Illustrations: Many rare illustrations of types in European museum, university and national libraries. Type photos: Gerardo Lamas, Peru, has many neotropical types photographed on 35mm slides and prints

Ackery, Smith & Vane-Wright 1995. Carcasson's African Butterflies.  3593 species in 300 genera. All  10,500 genus-group, species-group and infra-subspecific names for Afrotropical butterflies.
Carcasson's African Butterflies formed the basis for Afrotropical Butterflies and Skippers (new web version 7, 2008) with images, updated to include about 500 new species and subspecies added since 1990, by Mark Williams. See also:

Butterflies and moths of the world. Generic group names. Brian Pitkin and Paul Jenkins (BMNH). 2002.  Based on Hemming 1967 and subsequent authors; current up to year 2000.  See website Lamas, G; Callaghan, C; Casagrande, MM; Mielke, O; Pyrcz, T; Robbins, R; Viloria, A (2004): Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea. (Ed: Heppner, JB. Atlas of Neotropical Lepidoptera, Checklist: Part 3) Association for Tropical Lepidoptera, Gainesville, Florida. (in press)

<>Dr. Vladimir Lukhtanov, St. Petersburg State University, is preparing a Palaearctic butterfly checklist
Rienk de Jong, Holland 
Bernard Hermier, ex. French Guiana
Olaf Mielke, Brazil
George Austin, Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas
Andy Warren, Oregon State
Africa: ask Steve Collins & Alan Heath for Africa
Frank Yu-Feng Hsu, Taipei
Hesperiidae Coeliadinae







Papilionidae Baroniinae


Papilioninae Mike Parsons, UK (now in Florida)
Campbell Smith, UK
Saigusa??, Japan 
Keith Brown, Brazil 
Molecular phylogeny, genetics: Felix Sperling, Canada & Mark Scriber, USA

Pieridae Dismorphiinae Leptidea molec. work: J-F Martin, France Saigusa??, Japan
G. Lamas, Peru


Christoph Hauser, Germany Delias: Mike Braby, Australia


Molecular phylogeny COI/COII: Ward Watt, USA
Yata, Japan (Kyushu)

Lycaenidae Riodininae
Jason Hall, UK (currently in USA)
Brevignon & Brevignon, France
Jean Yves Gallard, France
Curtis Callahan, USA 
Phil DeVries, USA
Don Harvey, USA


Molecular phylogeny: Naomi Pierce, USA 
Alan Heath?


Molecular phylogeny: Naomi Pierce, USA


& Theclinae
Liebert, France (a prof. of chemistry)
Szolt Balint, Hungary
Zdravko Kolev (Bulgarian living in Finland)
Bob Robbins, USA
Molecular phylogeny: Naomi Pierce, USA
Mike Braby, Australia
T. Hirowatari, Japan
Alan Heath
Frank Yu-Feng Hsu, Taipei

Nymphalidae Libytheinae
Akito Hu, Japan (undergrad.)

Heliconiinae Acraeini: Jacques Pierre, France
Andrew Neild, UK
Argynnina (generic): Djunijanti Peggy
Molecular work on Heliconiina: Margarita Beltrán (Colombian in UK) & Vanessa Bull, UK
Molecular work on Heliconiina: Andy Brower 
Molecular work on Speyeria: Barry Williams, USA
Keith Brown, Brazil

Nymphalinae Molecular phylogeny (+ whole Nymphalidae in prep.): Niklas Wahlberg, Finland/Sweden
Biblidini-Eurytelini: Andrew Neild, UK
Molecular phylogeny: Andrew Brower, USA 
Biblidini-Eurytelini: Daniel Otero, Venezuela; Dale Jenkins, USA (?+)
Nymphalini: Hugo Kons, USA

Limenitinae Adelpha: Keith Willmott, UK
Amiet, ?France (retired but good work)

Charaxinae Keith Willmott, UK
Barselou, France
Steve Collins, Kenya


Jorge Bizarro, ?country

Roger Bristow, UK Morphini: Carla Penz, USA
Brassolini: Mirna Casagrande, ?country
Amathusiini: Uemura, Japan

David Lees, UK
B...??, Italy
J-F Martin, France
Valerio Sbordoni, Italy
(inc. molecular work)
Lee & Jackie Miller, USA 
Angel Viloria, Venezuela
Euptychiina: Debra Murray, USA; Carlos Peña, Peru
Mycalesina: Uemura
Calisto: Sourakov
Tomas Pyrcz, Peru (Polish Embassy worker)
???, Russia, St Petersburg, (Andy Brower has name)
Gorbunov, Butterflies of Russia

Calinaginae Dick Vane-Wright, UK

Danainae Danaini Dick Vane-Wright, Phil Ackery, UK, Ian Kitching, UK
Michael Boppré, Germany

Tellervini Phil Ackery, UK

Ithomiini Keith Willmott, UK
Molecular phylogeny: Alaine Whinnett, UK
Gerardo Lamas, Peru
André Freitas, Brazil
Keith Brown, Brazil

Malcolm Scoble, UK

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