Databases of hybrid broods between Heliconius butterflies

Over the years a number of crosses have been performed to test models of inheritance for colour patterns. Here we begin to document databases of these broods. As evo-devo studies of Heliconius hot up (see also Chris Jiggins' site, and W. Owen McMillan's website on Heliconius erato genomics), and as Heliconius becomes a model organism, perhaps with its genome sequenced, the databases of these hard-to-achieve crosses will become increasingly important.


James Mallet and Fraser Simpson
[H. erato and H. melpomene, Peru 1986-1987]


James Mallet and Fraser Simpson [H. melpomene NW Colombia x Costa Rica, performed Texas 1980]
Explanation of broods


Mathieu Joron [H. numata brood 502 showing single-gene inheritance of mimetic pattern, Peru]

Other databases of Heliconius artificial crosses, inheritance and development of colour patterns

Chris Jiggins and [H. melpomene, H. cydno, + H. erato, H. himera]
W. Owen McMillan [H. erato, H. himera]

Other Artificial hybrids between Heliconius species

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