Progress in Transplantation, Organ Donation and Research

1 March 2012

Follow the journey of donated human tissue from its donor to its use in cutting-edge biomedical research. This afternoon of talks featured leading medical researchers, and professionals.

23rd April Event poster
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Progress in Transplantation Organ Donation and Research Brian Davidson Brian Davidson
Research Tissue Banking and the HTA 2004 Jacki Trafford
Jacki Trafford
Is there a Place for Human Tissue Research in the Drug Approval Process David Bunton David Bunton
Engineering a new Trachea Jonathan Fishman Jonathan Fishman
What is an "Engineered Organ"? Tahera Ansari Tahera Ansari
Improving Kidney Transplantation by "Pre-Conditioning" Sarah Hosgood Sarah Hosgood
NHSBT Retrieval of Organ for Research & the Impact on NHS Research  Christian Brailsford Christian Brailsford
MHRA Regulating Organ Engineering
Elaine Godfrey Elaine Godfrey
The Human Tissue Act Applied to Transplantation and Research
Victoria Marshment Victoria Marshment