Tissue Access for Patient Benefit


Open Access Biobanks at UCL

20 February 2013

18th April, Institute of Child Health, Kennedy Lecture Theatre


Come to the Open Access Biobanks@UCL event on 18 April and find out more about the biobank resources available at UCL. The day, which is hosted by the UCL Reproduction and Development Domain, marks the launch of the new UCL BioResource.

There are a range of biobanks at UCL providing services and access to a range of sample types, this if your chance to find out more about biobanking, what is available and some of the work being done using human tissue.

The UCL BioResource is one of 7 centres which will form part of the NIHR National BioResource. The UCL BioRescource will have access to samples and data from 10,000 of the unique population of volunteers and patients, from UCL and partner hospitals, who have consented to be recalled for further studies according to genotype and phenotype. This will provide a powerful resource for studying disease mechanisms, and characterising the benefits and limitations of emerging therapies

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9:30Prof Adrienne FlanaganUCL Human Tissue Authority License Holder
9:45Dr Kirstin GoldringIntroduction to Biobanking
10:15Prof Nick WoodLaunch of UCL Bioresource
10:45Dr Sayeda Abu-AmeroBaby Biobank
11:15Coffee Break 
11:30Dr Christina ThirwellRFL Biobank user NeuroEndocrine Tumour Bank
12:00Dr Elaina LacerdaRFL Biobank user ME/CFS Biobank
13:30Sponsors Talk 
14:00Prof Gudrun MooreReproduction and Development Domain
14:10Dr Amir GanderTissue Access for Patient Benefit
14:30Patient Perspective 
14:50Mars Bai/ Dr Chris WilliamsRole of UCL Business
15:20Institute of Neurology and Queen Square Resources:
  • Professor Tamas Revesz
Queen Square Brain Bank
  • Dr Rahul Phadke
MRC muscle Biobank, ION
  • Prof Sebastian Brandner
Brain Tumour tissue resource, ION
  • Dr Maria Thom
Epilepsy Tissue Bank, ION
16:00Prof Graham HartUCL Population Health Sciences Closing Comments

Drinks reception