UCL Centre for Systems Engineering


Anqi Lai

Anqi Lai studied Technology Management at the Centre for Systems Engineering, graduating in 2019.

Anqi Lai - picture of alumna

When did you graduate and what did you study?

I graduated in September 2019 and I took the master programme of technology management.

What project are you currently working on?

I am working on an international investment project, providing investment advisory to a European company who want to invest a Chinese technology company.

What working achievement are you most proud of?

I completed my first project within required time and the quality of outputs satisfied the customer.

How would you describe your journey to your current role?

Although I am an engineering student, I am interested in the business environment, and management science. I met many colleagues with rich working experience and communicated a lot with them. This helped me to learn more about the job market. I also knew that consulting is one of the ways of dealing with different projects in various industries. All these factors motivated me to find a job related consulting.  

What motivated you to study at UCLse?

First, UCL is a world-renowned international university; the acquisition of UCL’s master degree would contribute a lot to my future career path. Secondly, UCLse provides a range of programmes for engineering students to develop business sense, which matches well with my study plan, since composite backgrounds have more advantages when applying for a job. Finally, the learning objectives of technology management programme also piqued my interests, such as technology strategy; risk, reliability, resilience; project management, etc.

How did studying at UCLse help to shape your career?

Studying the MSc in Technology Management equipped me with further knowledge of technology and understanding about the core business in the enterprise context. It developed my ability to analyse a company’s business performance with systematic thinking and ultimately enhance the overall capability, by strategic use of technology. I also obtained the APM Project Fundamental Qualification (PFQ) through professional training in UCLse. The group research and personal resource challenged me and I developed my capability of time management, personal leadership, teamwork, etc. All of these skills allow me to be a qualified consultant and solve problems for my clients.

What advice would you give to current UCLse students? 

Communicate more with your colleagues after class; some are from different industries with rich working experience, and some have just graduated from their last study journey. Gaining more insight on activities either in society or school provide broader horizon. Additionally, for those students who are job hunting after graduation like me, I would advise you to find an internship during your spare time to help practice the in-class knowledge, and give direction to your future careers.