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Alumni Profile: Zhe Huang 

Zhe Huang studied Systems Engineering Management at the Centre for Systems Engineering, graduating in 2014. He is now the Manager of a Strategic Management Department.

zhe huang

What project are you currently working on?
The project, which I am currently working on, is to build up a large eco-industrial park, which integrates plant production, poultry and pig cultivation as well as ecotourism. It’s an influential project which would potentially benefit thousands of local villagers by creating various work opportunities for them. In addition, if the project runs successfully, the production value of the eco-industrial park could attain more than hundreds of millions RMB each year and would vastly facilitate the local economic growth.
What working achievement are you most proud of?
Our team managed to turn a holding company from losses to gains.  As a member of the team, I made every effort to explore the defects of business model and identified those high and unreasonable expenses. Through adjusting short-term strategic goals, changing business development model, cutting down redundant cost, reconstructing organizational structure, optimizing information transfer process, our team eventually guided the holding company out of a miserable swamp and become profit again. I feel proud that I involved in accomplishing this great achievement by experiencing the whole project lifecycle from analysis, planning to execution.
How would you describe your journey to your current role?

After graduated from UCL, I worked as a consultant in a management consulting company during which I rapidly enhanced the all-rounded working skills that prepare me for my current job.
What motivated you to study at UCLse?

I was attracted by the abundant teaching experience (or related work experience) of SEM lecturers, and the rational course schedule.
How did studying at UCLse help to shape your career?

The systematic thinking that I learnt while at UCLse is very useful when dealing with tricky issues or driving complex project. It is essential to ensure the quality of projects are to a high standard, and Systems Engineering Management techniques I learnt while studying, provide me with useful tools to navigate uncertainty and risky factors. This helps avoid being overly deterministic as to the integrity of the project!
What advice would you give to current UCLse students? 

Work hard and play hard! Pay fully attention on the class because some advices or knowledge share by these experienced lectures might deepening your understanding or enlighten your whole future career. Enjoy every moment in London, one of the most fantastic metropolises in the world, where you might leave a pleasant memory in your life.