UCL Centre for Systems Engineering


Seek Alternative Systems Perspectives

To enhance understanding it is worthwhile exploring a range of systems perspectives, viewpoints or abstractions, including the additional capability and uncertainty that is uncovered by incorporating humans in systems. 

Complexity can be managed through a 'divide and conquer' approach, breaking systems into interacting systems elements and understanding the function of those elements, their interactions (both planned and unplanned) and how the elements collaborate to deliver the system's emergent properties. It is important to recognise the importance of overlapping hierarchies (elements that are parts of more than one system and require appropriate management and control). The time dimension can be a valuable source of insight. We should note the nature of the solutions to similar problems faced in the past, and recognise technology trends that will influence the next generation of solutions. In a changing world, system developments must accept the need for evolving requirements and include flexibility in delivered systems to adapt to changing needs during the system life.