Our Vision

UCL is a truly multidisciplinary university and has one of the largest concentrations of biomedical research in Europe. UCL Systems Biology has been established to build on the university’s breadth of expertise across disciplines by coordinating and strengthening interdisciplinary systems-biology research across the university. This new and growing community of researchers at UCL using systems approaches to tackle fundamental biological problems includes members of the UCL Life Sciences, UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences, UCL Engineering Sciences and UCL Biomedicine.

Systems biology challenges several barriers that exist in research; establishing inter-disciplinary collaborations, training researchers who can apply mathematical, computation and physical approaches to biomedicine, and developing integrated computation infrastructures for data sharing. Systems Biology research at UCL is focused on a number of different research themes. The research themes bring together researchers at UCL to allow the development of interdisciplinary collaborations and research.

The activiteis of Systems Biolgoy are complimented by two other UCL initiatives: Computational Biology and the Computational Life and Medical Sciences Network. Both of these initiatives aim to encourage and support collaboration between the biomedical and computational sciences.

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