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SYNTHESIS laboratory exchange

A 6-day intensive exchange laboratory for artists, designers, 
synthetic biologists and engineers at UCL >>more

UCL wins gold at the iGEM competition


Enabling Systems Biology ConferenceApril 11-14, 2011 Registration open >>more

Harden Conference

Synthetic biology: design and engineering through understanding >>more

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UCL Synthetic Biology

What is Synthetic Biology?

Synthetic biology is the engineering of biology: the synthesis of complex, biologically based, or inspired, systems which display functions that do not exist in nature. Many scientists believe that this approach will ultimately result in the rational and systematic design of systems that may help us to address the major challenges of the future. 

Possible applications of synthetic biology could include the creation of systems to generate power, new medical applications, nanoscale biological computers, new approaches to cleaning up dangerous waste or sensitive biosensors for health or security applications. 

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Synbion Network

The Synbion Network aimed to explore the full range of what biologically designed elements could achieve in the fields of electronics, optics, opto-electroincs and magnetics and combinations of these fields. It ran from 2010 to 2013.

Over the three years the Network members were challenged to discuss not only the design of novel bio-electronic and bio-optical devices, but also to consider how to best manufacture and scale-up such devices.

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