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SYNTHESIS laboratory exchange

A 6-day intensive exchange laboratory for artists, designers, 
synthetic biologists and engineers at UCL >>more

UCL wins gold at the iGEM competition


Enabling Systems Biology ConferenceApril 11-14, 2011 Registration open >>more

Harden Conference

Synthetic biology: design and engineering through understanding >>more

Recent Articles:

Combining living cells and inorganic materials for biosensors (Oct 2010)
Synthetic Biology: living quarters (Oct 2010)

Who are we?

The members of the Network are drawn from six institutions. 

Birkbeck, University of London

Irilenia Nobeli, School of Crystallography


Frank Baganz, Biochemical Engineering

Daren Caruana, Chemistry

Paul Dalby, Biochemical Engineering

Lewis Dartnell, Earth Sciences

Vivek Dua, Chemical Engineering

Anthony Finkelstein, Computer Sciences

Jane Gregory, Science & Technology Studies

Helen Hailes, Chemistry

Stefan Howorka, Chemistry

David Jones, Computer Science

Chris Kay, London Centre for Nanotechnology

Tony Kenyon, Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Eli Keshavarz-Moore, Biochemical Engineering

Gary Lye, Biochemical Engineering

Markus Gersahter, Structural & Molecular Biology

Tarit Mukhopadhyay, Biochemical Engineering

Darren Nesbeth, Biochemical Engineering

Susan Perkin, Chemistry

Saul Purton, Structural & Molecular Biology

Joanne Santini, Structural & Molecular Biology

Nicolas Szita, Biochemical Engineering

Alethea Tabor, Chemistry

Emma Tobin, Science & Technology Studies

John Ward, Structural & Molecular Biology

Finn Werner, Structural & Molecular Biology

Alexey Zaikin, Mathematics

University of Birmingham

Tim Dafforn, Biosciences

University of Manchester

Jon Lloyd, Earth Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Carolyn Pearce, Earth Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

University of Warwick

Greg Challis, Chemistry

Alison Rodger, Chemistry

Matthew Turner, Physics

Forschungszentrum Jülich

Dorte Gocke, Institute of Biotechnology
Martina Pohl, Institute of Biotechnology

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