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Nusrat Patel wins award

28 November 2016

Nusrat Patel wins award

Nusrat Patel, a Laboratory Aid at the SWC, has been nominated a Star Award at a recent ceremony. 

Nusrat successfully graduated from Newham Project SEARCH 2016 - an initiative that provides on-site internship experiences to support young adults with learning disabilities in acquiring the necessary skills leading to competitive employment. Nusrat proved to be an outstanding student who always aimed to do her best in everything she did. The Community Works for Health programme is organised by the Barts Health Public Health team. It offers people training, coaching and work placement opportunities across the Trust's five hospital sites as well as providing specialist advice and support.  

On 1 November 2016, Barts Health staff and community partners gathered at an awards ceremony to congratulate the year’s participants on their success. Nusrat successfully completed the programme and was nominated for a ‘Star Award’ for taking on the challenge and for showing enthusiasm and dedication. The programme aims to support people from deprived communities in east London, particularly those with a disability, long term condition or poor health history which can make it harder for them to secure employment.