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Neural circuits for sensory processing and sensory-guided behaviours 
Sonja Hofer

Sonja Hofer
Associate Professor in Neural Circuits and Behaviour
email: s.hofer@ucl.ac.uk
tel: +44 20 3108 8195

Research Area
Our perception of the environment relies on information flow from the sensory organs to the brain. However, perception is also highly dependent on the context in which a given stimulus occurs, such as the sensory surround and the animal’s behavioural state, its intentions, expectations and actions. Such contextual signals can strongly modulate sensory responses and influence how sensory information is interpreted. Current research in the lab is mainly focused on understanding how different contextual signals are integrated with feed-forward visual information, how such signals emerge and by which pathways they are conveyed, especially focusing on thalamo-cortical and cortico-cortical interactions.

To study these questions we use a wide range of multi-disciplinary methods: in vivo two-photon imaging and other imaging approaches, extracellular and intracellular electrophysiological recordings, animal behaviour and circuit modelling, together with molecular and genetic approaches to identify different cell types, record and manipulate their function and trace specific pathways.

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