Sustainable UCL


Wild Bloomsbury

UCL research shows that bringing nature into urban environments can improve wellbeing, increase climate-resilience and improve air quality. With our goal of creating 10,000m2 of extra biodiverse space by 2024, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of nature based solutions, whilst forming strong community partnerships making a better Bloomsbury for everyone.
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Nature in Bloomsbury

We are working with our local partners to make Bloomsbury healthy and green.

Image of IOE garden

Community Projects

We're supporting community gardening, food growing and conservation projects.

Image of UCL East

Nature at UCL East

We are creating a nature-based campus in Stratford.

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Active Travel

We're transforming our campus to make it inclusive and accessible to walk and cycle.

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Logistics Hub

Our logistics hub will reduce congestion and pollution in Bloomsbury.

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Internal Environments

We're making our indoor spaces healthy and green.

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Our leading researchers are tackling our own impacts and demonstrating that change is possible.