Sustainable UCL


UCL's Zero Carbon Plan

This Zero Carbon Plan sets out the main approach to how UCL will deliver on its commitment to be a zero carbon university by 2030; and the contribution that every part of UCL has to make.

Our commitment to become a zero-carbon university has brought our whole community together to innovate and test out new ideas. From carbon pricing to sustainable laboratories, we want to demonstrate how a fair and climate resilient university can operate.​  The Zero Carbon Plan sets out in greater detail how the Carbon Reduction committments and activities outlined in UCL's Sustainability Strategy (which was approved by UCL Council in 2019) will be delivered.

UCL has recently issued a Sustainability Bond which is guided by a Sustainability Finance Framework. The £300 million raised will be invested within the parameters of the green and social bond which includes green buildings, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and will support the implementation of the Zero Carbon Plan, which is our carbon management plan.