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UCL's Fairtrade Policy

UCL and UCLU (University College London Union) support the principles, ethos and aspirations of Fairtrade and commit to using, selling and promoting Fairtrade products through all of our outlets and relevant activities.

UCL’s Fairtrade Steering Group

A Fairtrade Steering Group has been set up which will implement and oversee compliance with UCL's Fairtrade Policy. It will be fully representative of the university’s student, administrative, academic and business activity and will include representatives from:

  • UCL’s catering providers
  • UCL Sustainability Team
  • UCLU
  • Facilities Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Residences

It will:

  • be chaired by a member of the Sustainability Team and meet at least twice a year
  • work to promote Fairtrade products and explore how their sale and use can be expanded
  • report to the Environmental Sustainability Steering Group
  • review this policy annually and maintain UCL’s Fairtrade status

Sale of Fairtrade Products

  • UCL and UCLU will offer Fairtrade products in all catering and retail outlets
  • Where the selling of Fairtrade products is not feasible for reasons of price, supply, availability or contractual obligations, UCL and UCLU commit to begin selling Fairtrade as soon as practicably possible
  • Sale of Fairtrade products will be incorporated into future contractual arrangements with relevant external service providers and suppliers
  • Finding ways to increase supply of Fairtrade goods will be explored on an ongoing basis


  • UCL and UCLU commit to serving Fairtrade food and drink at all internal meetings and events
  • The serving of Fairtrade products will be incorporated into future contractual arrangements with UCL’s caterer (for instance through implementation of UCL's Healthy and Sustainable Food Policy).
  • UCL and UCLU will promote and encourage the use of Fairtrade products with partners and associate organisations


Promotion and Campaigning

UCL and UCLU will promote the sale and use of Fairtrade products in a variety of ways:

  • Fairtrade products and promotions will be displayed prominently in all outlets where Fairtrade items are sold where possible
  • Fairtrade products will be promoted at events such as Fairtrade Fortnight and at others, such as Green Week
  • Fairtrade products will be promoted on an ongoing basis through web and social media


This policy will be reviewed annually by the UCL Fairtrade Steering Group.

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For more information, please contact the UCL Sustainability Team.