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travel emissions


Carbon emissions from travel

Reducing carbon emissions from energy use at UCL is a big challenge, but the challenge of reducing the emissions from travel is even bigger!

We report on carbon emissions related to:

  • Staff and students commuting to and from UCL
  • Business and academic travel to meetings and conferences
  • Students travelling to and from home at the beginning and end of term

As you can see, travel makes up almost half of our total carbon emissions, three times as much as heating and powering our buildings! We can combat this by promoting active travel, and by improving teleconferencing facilities and online resources. We are also working with departments to investigate the reasons behind people’s travel patterns to see if there is better infrastructure we can provide to reduce the need to travel.

pie chart co2 emissions

The figure above shows the percentage of UCL’s carbon emissions which come from energy consumption to heat and power our buildings and research, procurement (which covers supply chain emissions such as manufacturing and deliveries) and travel by UCL staff and students.