Sustainable UCL


Sustainable labs

Laboratory research and the buildings which facilitate them consume 5-10 times more energy per square meter than typical academic areas.

As a result over 50% of UCL's electricity is being consumed in buildings servicing laboratories. To help mitigate these effects we provide support and resources to departments to help them achieve efficient and sustainable research practices. We also run lab-specific projects to reduce their environmental impact.

Our aims

  • Reduce the negative environmental effects of laboratories at UCL and beyond
  • Improve overall research efficiency
  • Develop standards of sustainable and efficient science
  • Integrate sustainable and efficient practices into how students learn about and
  • Engage with the many laboratory staff and students on how to improve, and learn from their innovative approaches to sustainability in science

Labs LEAF programme  

Labs Green Impact
Our Green Labs programme enables and awards staff and students to improve the sustainablity of their labs. See how you can make a difference in your lab here.