Sustainable UCL



Last year our reuse platform, Warpit, helped us to reuse over 7000 items, diverting 26 tonnes from waste and saving 17 tonnes of CO2 - that’s the equivalent of taking 53 cars off the road. To meet our target of reducing waste by 20% per person by 2024, there's a lot more reusing, repairing and sharing to do!. Take a look at some of our initiatives here:
Warp It

Warp-it – UCL’s Reuse Platform

Warp-it is the online network for UCL staff to redistribute and claim unwanted furniture and laboratory items both within UCL, and with other UK organisations.


Reyooz – External Reuse Platform

Reyooz is an external platform to share furniture and items with the public and the charity sector. Please use Warp-it first before offering items externally on Reyooz.

Photograph of chemicals

Quartzy - Chemical Sharing

Quartzy is the free online database, where research groups and labs at UCL can log all of their chemicals and share them.

Photo of a row of microscopes

UCL Research Equipment Catalogue

A database containing information on all UCL’s major research equipment and facilities to encourage equipment sharing. 

Image of Swap Shop

Swap Shops

The UK bins 235 million items of clothing each spring. Throughout the year we will be running swap shops where you can update your wardrobe without harming the planet. 

Students sewing on buttons and fixing holes in trousers

Repair Cafes

 Bring along your broken, torn, or tattered items and learn "hands-on" how to mend them alongside our clever stichers, hackers, fixers and heritage practitioners.

Image of the reuse guide front page shown on a smartphone

UCL's Reuse "How To" Guide

Want to save money and help the planet out? Then check out this reuse guide with tips and tricks on how to lead low waste lives.