Sustainable UCL


Reducing and Sharing

A large part of reducing our waste is about sharing items that would otherwise go to waste at UCL. See our resources and case studies to help you reduce waste and share items.




Warpit is easy-to-use website allowing staff to share unwanted furniture and equipment with other departments



    Use our free online database to log and share chemicals across UCL.

    Image of Clothes Swaps

    Swap Shops

    UCL hosts clothes swaps for you to share items at the New Student Centre every last Friday of the Month.

    Image of lab packaging

    Reduce packaging and consolidate orders

    Some departments have told suppliers to reduce packaging and consolidated orders to reduce the carbon of delired items.


    Promote our water fountains

    Our water map can help students and staff reduce the need for bottled water.

    Ditch the Disposable teaser

    Ditch the Disposable

    UCL charges 15p for disposable cups. By promoting this you can reduce the 1million cups used at UCL annually.