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Purchasing during Covid-19 lockdown

Key information for staff purchasing during Covid-19 lockdown.

UCL Finance have created guidance for staff purchasing during Covid-19 lockdown, which all staff must follow. This is to manage resources effectively during the period:

  • Please exercise maximum restraint over all nonpay expenditure, making purchases only where absolutely essential.
  • Where spend is essential, you should use existing agreements with UCL’s preferred suppliers for common goods such as IT hardware and software, laboratory and workshop consumables and office supplies, as well as professional services including consultancy, advertising and media buying. By using our preferred suppliers, rather than making oneoff purchases, you will be helping UCL achieve better value for money. More information about making purchases for UCL business is available on the Procurement Services website.
  • Please also delay where possible any large expenditures until after the pandemic has passed.  This is particularly important where these purchases won’t lead to material benefits to UCL in the short term.
  • Where items are of low value and need to be delivered to a home location, please continue to follow UCL’s expenses guidance.
  • If you are required to travel for essential reasons please use Key Travel to make the booking. Using Key Travel allows UCL to contact you quickly and bring you back to the UK safely in case of emergency.  As a consequence, UCL will no longer accept expense claims for any international travel bookings.

For more information about purchasing, visit the FBA webpage and UCL Corona Virus webpage