Sustainable UCL


Buy Sustainable Products

The products and services we buy have impacts in their manufacture, use and disposal.

Whether it's buying products that use recycled materials, that use less energy in their use, that conform to standards like Fairtrade, or are designed to reuse at end of life; buying better products gives us the opportunity to reduce waste, save energy and conserve resources.

All of UCL's preferred suppliers have been chosen because of their sustainability credentials, so we ask that you purchase through them. You can see the sustainability requirements of our suppliers here.

Image of sustainable stationary

Sustainable Office Equipment

From envelopes to cleaning products, find out which sustainable products your department should be buying.

Image of White Goods

White Goods Procurement Guide

A guide on which 'white goods' should be purchased at UCL to reduce energy and waste.

Photograph of Catering Equipment

Sustainable Catering Guide

From ordering more vegetarian food, to reusable crockery, there is lots you can do to provide sustainable catering.

Photo of reusable cups, tote bags and stationery

Plastic alternatives

Unlike popular opinion, biodegradable and compostable items should not be used at UCL.

net positive

Net Positive Tool

A tool for contract managers to monitor the sustainablity performance of suppliers.

Image of MRC's Green Champion


Learn about protecting human rights and modern day slavery in the supply chain or request bespoke training.

Eco Products


View the eco-labels can help you choose products which are the most environmentally and socially responsible. 

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Impact Analysis Guidance

A tool to help staff doing tenders or large purchasing orders consider appropriate sustainability commitments.

Image of Project Period event

Project Period

How to purchase sustainable period products

Photograph of payment

Advice for purchasing during Covid-19 lockdown

Key information for staff purchasing during Covid-19.