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UCL is conducting world leading science – from finding cures for dementia to understanding changes to the arctic ice shelf. We are helping researchers to conduct their research in a resource efficient and sustainable way.

Laboratory research buildings use 5-10 times more energy per square meter than typical academic areas.  As a result, over 50% of UCL's greenhouse gas emissions are from our laboratory buildings.

What can I do?

  1. To find out what you can do in your lab contact our Award Winning Sustainable Labs Advisor Martin Farley for a lab walk round
  2. Take part in our LEAF programme to take action and measure your success
  3. Find out about training and events through our Green Lab mailing list by writing to Martin Farley 

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LEAF – Our Lab Sustainability Award Programme

LEAF helps you to identify ways to reduce carbon, plastic and water; and then shows how much you've saved.

Get resources and materials

Resources and materials

Download UCL guides, checklists, stickers and posters to help make your lab more sustainable

Web pages and case studies

Case studies

Read case studies of how other members of the UCL community have made their labs more sustainable

Enhance your knowledge

Enhance your knowledge

Download relevant academic papers and web pages to increase your knowledge on sustainability-related issues in laboratories

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LEAF teams

See if your department is completing LEAF.