Sustainable UCL


Help keep UCL's waste in The Loop

Our goal is to choose the best products for people and the planet and to reduce UCL's waste by 20% per person by 2024. See our resources below to help us achieve this aim.


    Photo of reusable cups, tote bags and stationery

    Buy Sustainable Products

    Find out which sustainable products your department should be buying.

    Image of Clothes Swaps

    Reduce Waste and Share Resources

    From clothes swaps to UCL's 'ebay' learn how you can share items at UCL.

    Recycling Poster

    Recycling at UCL

    We are working towards an 85% recycling rate. Help us achieve this by staying in #TheLoop.


    How to buy stuff

    Understand how to buy and procure at UCL, and get tips on doing so sustainably.

    Dripping water fountain (cartoon style)

    Promote our Water Fountains

    Our posters provide guidance on finding water fountains and reporting dripping taps. 

    Person working on a document

    Impact Analysis Guidance

    A tool to help staff doing tenders or large purchasing orders consider appropriate sustainability commitments.