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Cycle Confidently

Cycling in London can be daunting if you haven’t done it before – however it’s much safer than you think! Here are a few tips and resources for improving your confidence before commuting to UCL. 

Practice makes perfect

If you're new to cycling, we reccomend testing out your bike on an empty road or in a local park; somewhere free of cars and other cyclists. 

If you want to practice your commute when the roads are less busy, why not go at the weekend? Asking a friend who is a confident cyclist to accompany you will help, as they will know the best cycle routes free from cars, and are usually keen to pass on their knowledge.

Learn your route

New cycle lanes have been put in place since social distancing measures have been enforced, as well as in the last decade. You can see the changes made by local authorities here. For Camden specific chances, view the proposed changes here. 

Get informed

Knowing the rules of the road and your rights will reassure you that you are cycling correctly – and help you to feel confident. For example, did you know that it is legal in the UK for two bikes to cycle side by side? Don’t be afraid to hold up the car behind you, go at your own pace and ensure you are seen, at the front of the traffic and indicate where you’re going.  Always make sure to cycle a car door’s width away from any parked car to avoid any opening doors - and always have lights with you in case it gets dark.  We recommend wearing a helmet but this isn't a legal requirement.

For more guidance, see our top recommended resources: 

  • Bikeability, the UK's national cycle training programme provides you with cycling guides, detailing key considerations and behaviours when cycling. 
  • Read the Highway Code for a full catalogue of traffic signs and road markings.

  • Cycling UK have produced their top tips for cycling in traffic.  

  • British cycling also have a useful top ten tips for cycling.

  • TfL have information on how to cycle safely in London


  • Bikeability is the UK's national cycle training programme. Normally, you can book free cycle training courses in your borough for free, by visiting the TfL website, or via your local authority, see here. However due to social distancing, this is currently not running. It is worth checking this for when it does reopen however, as it is a very useful resource. You can attend if you are a beginnger, intermediate or advanced cyclist and learn 1 on 1 how to enhance your cycling skills on London roads. The trainer will meet you near your house and take you on any roads you find tricky.
  • Cycling UK offer a range of riding skills sessions for people with different levels of experience. 
  • Wheels for Wellbeing and Wheels for All organise inclusive cycling sessions for disabled people. 
  • Camden Council offers Camden Cycle Skills courses for one participant at a time, in accordance with current government guidance to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Anyone who lives, works or studies in Camden can register on the following for free: Adult Cycle SkillsChildren's Cycle Skills