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UCL has over 40,000 students travelling to the campus every day. But 60% of them live within 5km of UCL, under 20 minutes’ cycle! UCL’s location means we are lucky to have good public transport links. However it also means our students are exposed to some of the highest levels of air pollution in the UK. One of the most effective ways of addressing this challenge is by encouraging more people out of their cars and onto trains, tubes, buses, bikes or even their own two feet.

Our Green Travel Plan is all about helping people make sustainable travel choices

  • To make walking and cycling the easy options
  • To reduce our environmental impact
  • To improve our health and wellbeing

We will achieve this by creating the right conditions, like having more cycle parking spaces, offering maintenance workshops and working with Transport for London and councils to improve local cycle paths. We will also promote the benefits of active travel to our staff and students, and the alternatives to long-distance travel such as teleconferencing or online resources.

Sustainable Travel Plan

Sustainable Travel Plan

For more detailed information on how we're making our travel more sustainable see this policy.

Start Cycling to UCL

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Tavistock Cycle Lane

Bike to work scheme

Save money and keep fit with our cycle to work scheme.

Image of Free Cycle Maintenance

Dr. Bike

UCL provides free bike maintenance and advice throughout the year.

Cycle Parking

Cycle Parking

We're putting in more bike parking and showers. See our map to keep up to date.

Season Card

Season ticket loan

Get an interest free season ticket loan with UCL.


Register for a free bicycle loan

Try a free bike for four weeks.

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Cycling poster

Download our cycling poster for Green Impact.

For more information on how we're making out travel more sustainable see UCL's Sustainable Travel Plan.