Sustainable UCL


Other Waste

Although most of the waste we generate will fit into one of UCL's three main waste streams, some waste may be hazardous, require specialist recycling, or may be unwanted but still usable.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment

This includes (but is not limited to) computer monitors, televisions, fridges, freezers and refrigeration equipment. Normally there will be a charge for the disposal of these items. Please see the price list for a list of chargeable wastes and the costs of disposal. Please contact the helpdesk which supports your building to arrange payment, collection and disposal. Find out more about disposing of electronic and electrical equipment here. 

IT Equipment

Find out how to recycle IT equipment here 


Batteries should be disposed of in separate battery recycling bins which are located around the estate. You building will likely have a battery recycling point. If it doesn't, you can request one from Facilities Services. Find out more about battery recycling. 

Toner and print cartridges

Toner and print cartridges should be recycled in dedicated bins. If your building doesn't already have a bin provided for toner and ink cartridge recycling, you can order one on request. Find out more about toner and print cartridge recycling. 

Hazardous waste

There are a variety of different processes and procedures in place to ensure the safe disposal of hazardous wastes. Find out more about disposing of hazardous waste or contact Facilities Services via the Customer Service Centre for more advice. 

Unwanted but usable equipment, furniture or resources

Warpit is an easy to use online portal which allows staff at UCL to redistribute (give, loan or share) resources legally and conveniently within UCL and beyond. The tool makes it easy for staff to find others with spare equipment and resources. It's all about reducing purchasing costs and waste disposal costs, as well as avoiding landfill and carbon emissions.

Find out more about using Warpit