Sustainable UCL


Re-use at UCL

Reusing resources is essential for creating a more sustainable UCL, and supports UCL’s commitment to a circular economy. We believe items should only be disposed of if they are broken, no longer fit for purpose or require secure destruction for data protection reasons. If it still functions correctly then chances are it can be reused! Even a woven reed boat was found a new home!

UCL has a number of initiatives in place to help reuse items both internally and externally. So before you throw anything out see if you can give it away. UCL is always looking to find ways to reuse items. If you have an idea on how to do so please contact Sustainable UCL.


Warp-it is UCL’s main redistribution platform. Warp-it can be used for any surplus reusable items (as long as they are for university use, not personal use) – most commonly furniture, stationery, electrical items, or educational resources are listed. But anything with some value can be added.

UCL has remained one of the best universities to use Warp-It.

In 2015-16 Warp-it helped UCL reuse 1,145 individual items, which meant over 40,000 CO2ewas not released into the environment. The equivalent to:

  • Planting 34 trees.
  • Removing 5 cars from the road.

What’s more, UCL is on course to reuse even more items in 2016-17!

Find out more about Warp-It at UCL, and how to sign up here.

Register to Warp-it here!

Once registered, UCL porters will collect items anywhere from the UCL Bloomsbury campus and from external organisations from up to 2 miles away from UCL. Please ensure you check the location and distance of the item before requesting porters.