Sustainable UCL


Zero Carbon Buildings

In 2018/19 UCL’s carbon emissions from heating, cooling, powering and lighting our buildings were 55,000 tonnes. We would need to plant 1 million trees to absorb that amount of carbon. We have committed to net zero carbon buildings by 2024; take a look at some of our initiatives below.

UCL research shows that climate change is already a global emergency.

Using our innovation, research and collaborative spirit UCL has the opportunity demonstrate how it is not only possible to limit warming to 1.5°C, but also that this offers a more equitable, healthier and happier future.

Our goal is to have net zero carbon buildings by 2024, and to be a net zero carbon institution by 2030.

100% Renewable Electricity

UCL is powered by 100% renewable electricity and we have lots of solar PV.

Zero Carbon Heating

Our 1960's heating system is transitioning to zero carbon heating.

Saving energy at UCL

We've committed to reduce energy consumption by 40% by 2024.

Reducing Heating and Cooling

Our Heating and Cooling Policy keeps people at a compfortable temperature whislt reducing energy use.

Sustainable Construction

Sustainability is at the heart of our Transforming UCL programme.

UCL's Carbon Accountability Scheme

Our Carbon Accountability Scheme helps departments reduce their carbon footprint.