Sustainable UCL


Materials and Recycling

Reducing waste and making sure waste materials are recycled are essential parts of creating a more sustainable UCL. We currently recycle around 60% of our waste.

We have a target to increase this to 85%, but it'll take efforts from everyone, staff and students, to make this happen.

Use the right bin


Find out which materials should go in which bin, and where to put those tricky items

Use UCL's bin signage


UCL has standardised bin signage, which should be used wherever possible. Download and print it here

Sign up and use Warpit


Warpit is easy-to-use website allowing staff to share unwanted furniture and equipment with other departments

To reduce UCL's waste being sent to landfill, the entire UCL community must help by recycling their goods. Behaviours must change in order to make recycling routine. Read about how UCL has worked to encourage recycling-related behaviours.

In 2014-2015 we consulted with students and Green Champions across UCL to create new bins and a unified waste signage scheme which would increase recycling rates. They have been implemented across the University.

Our Progress

  • In the last year, UCL also doubled the quantity of food recycled. 
  • Quantities of hazardous waste has reduced by 25% due to better sorting, so that less waste is treated as hazardous. 
  • Around 16 tonnes of materials were also diverted from waste streams and reused, primarily through UCL’s Warpit website.

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