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Our top Sustainability documentaries

16 February 2021

Bunker down in front of the sofa on a wet day and watch one of our favourite sustainability and climate tv and film recommendations. 

popcorn and a movie making prop Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash
  • A perfect planet – David Attenborough talks about how humans are changing our planet so rapidly, affecting earth’s life support systems: our weather, our oceans and the living world. Watch this documentary series via the BBC or with your Box of Broadcast (BoB) UCL access. 

  • There’s something in the water – Directed by Elliot Page and Ian Daniel, this documentary is an examination of environmental racism, the film explores the disproportionate effect of environmental damage on Black Canadian and First Nations communities in Nova Scotia, watch here.

  • Carnage – A Simon Amstell mocumentary about veganism. It is set in a future Britian, where meat, eggs and dairy are outlawed. In this brave new age world, animals roam free, and there is no such thing as veganism, only “carnism”, watch here. 

  • The True Cost - A documentary about the clothes we wear, the people who make those clothes and the impact Fast Fashion is having on our world, watch here.