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Clean Air Day Online: Equality and the Health Sector

8 October 2020

This year Clean Air Day was hosted by GAP online, and there were two sessions of particular interest to the Clean Air Community.

Clean Air Day Live Child Streets

The session on inequalities was very striking, we heard from experts and advocates. The connection to planning came out very strongly and the importance of advocates for immediate action.

The real John Snow

Jeffery K. Smith, Clean Energy Advocate, Air Quality Monitoring Expert World Health Organization consultant talked about ‘the real John Snow’ (not from the Game of Thrones), who listened to local people to identify the source of infections, and turned off the tap!

Clean Air Day John Snow

Speaking up

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, World Health Organisation Public Advocate for public health and air quality movingly shared about her own loss and the value of health care professionals ‘speaking up’.

Clean Air Day Live Nick Martin


GOSH Clean Air Hospital Framework

Nick Martin of GOSH presented the GOSH CAHF. He talked about how engaging with the framework has allowed colleagues to begin breaking up what is a very complex organizational challenge into constituent parts. This involves practical actions, education and broader advocacy.

Clean Air Day Live Framework
Working with the framework allows for more opportunities for engagement within the hospital. It increased ‘buy-in’ from across a hospital, from those working in facilities who can take on practical tasks. Clinical staff get involve in educational activities. Those in corporate leadership show the way with ‘championing’ work, which build reputation and helps to advocate for clean air.


Child-friendly street

One very popular example was how GOSH worked with others, towards a completely transformed public realm with a slow and child-friendly street.

Clean Air Day Live Child Streets

Staff commutes

There were also lessons the staff commutes with places of residence in zones A-F and the implications for safety under COVID and pollution implications.

Clean Air Day Live commutes

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