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Meet our next bike buddy: Kim Morgan

10 August 2020

Our new Bike Buddy scheme aims to help staff cycle to UCL. We team experienced cyclists with staff who are new to cycling or would like some additional support in getting to and from UCL. Bike Buddies can assist with knowledge on local routes, and can take people into campus.

Man on bike

What do you do at UCL?

I am a Communications and Outreach Coordinator at UCL Biochemical Engineering. I mainly work in student recruitment.

What made you want to be a Bike Buddy?

Over the years I've figured out a couple of rather nice routes into work that keep me away from busy road traffic and I wish somoene had shown them to me when I started out.

What’s your route?

I go from near New Cross Gate Rail/Overground station towards Tower Bridge Road alongside Millwall Football Ground and via Surrey Canal Road. I take some backroads that get me close to Borough Station then on past Southwark Station. Probably the busiest bit of my ride is past Waterloo station and over Waterloo bridge, then up through Covent Garden, past The British Museum then on to UCL. I sometimes go along Blackfriars Bridge and up Farringdon Road which has a segregated cycle lane but it can be very busy at peak times.

What’s your favourite thing about cycling?

I've been cycling in earnest in London for about 15 years. It's a great way to get to work, I like the exercise, I love seeing London each day as I cycle past - the views across the river and the different parts of the city. 

Do you have any top tips for cycling?

  • Gain confidence of your route: Cycle it a couple of times at the weekend when it's quiet and you have plenty of time so you know exactly where you're going when you travel to work, then you can concentrate on riding safely and enjoying yourself without the stress of navigation!
  • Be prepared to add a bit onto your journey if it takes you a more relaxing path. You can avoid a lot of high-pressure environments and only add a minute or two to your journey. Be prepared to explore a bit - once you know your route take a slightly different path now and again. Not only will you get to know London better but you may find an even better route that nobody else knows about!