Sustainable UCL


New Year: New You! Departments across UCL pledge to be sustainable.

28 November 2019

As the New Year feels like a distant memory, the climate emergency remains. Departments across UCL have been thinking about their sustainability pledges for 2020, you can see some of these fantastic commitments below.


Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER)

  • Reduce plastic waste for all catering and events;
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of BSEER research in conjunction with carbon offsetting projects: regulating academic travel in the pre-award stage;
  • Continue to have all meetings and events catering 100% vegetarian (and vegan where possible);
  • Instate the BSEER Climate Change Working Group: a committee of academics and professional services staff to challenge the issues of climate change in our day-to-day working lives;
  • Replacing one dairy milk with oat milk in our office milk orders;
  • Office Jungle: aiming for at least one plant per desk;
  • Maintain a programme of sustainability events and initiatives throughout the year, e.g. Steptember and Movement May.

Department of Epidemiology and Public Health

Department of Greek and Latin

Information Studies

  • Take part in Green Impact;
  • Go paperless for meetings;
  • Stop purchasing non-reusable and disposable paper cups;
  • Reduce packaging by flagging suppliers who use a lot of packaging to UCL Procurement;
  • Combine orders with suppliers to reduce the number of individual deliveries onto site.

Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology

  • Pledge to provide vegetarian catering for UCL events;
  • Use less, waste less, recycle more;
  • Create a healthier office environment.

Institute of Neurology

  • Pledge to be Powered by Plants at all catered events;
  • Avoid plastic water bottles;
  • Achieve Green Impact Silver Award for Offices;
  • Organise an IoN Green Day;
  • Co-ordinate an IoN-wide LEAF team and make waste and sustainability part of the labs induction;
  • Set up a lab equipment repair service for IoN buildings.

Institute of Ophthalmology

  • Achieve Green Impact Bronze Award;
  • Achieve LEAF Gold Award;
  • Establish a sustainability rep in every lab;
  • Improve the IoO garden for biodiversity and edible planting;
  • Source only sustainable stationary;
  • Increase videoconferencing and use sustainable forms of transport instead of flying;
  • Increase recycling and reduce disposables;
  • Reduce energy consumption.


  • To not take a flight when it's possible to get to the same destination by train in 6 hours or less.


  • Retain Green Impact Gold Award;
  • Hold an annual Fairtrade bake sale and purchase only Fairtrade certified tea and coffee;
  • Purchase only recycled products where appropriate and to promote recycling in the department;
  • Hold paperless meetings and eliminate disposable coffee cups;
  • Promote the use of video-conferencing to reduce the need for flying and encourage practical transport alternatives.

School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)

  • Provide free aluminium water bottles to all members of staff;
  • Ensure no plastic bags are provided at events;
  • Donate leftover food to St Mungo's Homeless Charity;
  • Go paperless for meetings;
  • Provide plants for the office;
  • Take part in the Carbon Accountability Scheme Pilot at UCL.