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LEAF is supported by the UKRN (UK reproducibility network). This is in recognition that high-quality research is sustainable research – Ensuring that studies are reproducible and that we make use of the data we generate is a sustainability challenge as well as one for science. UKRN provides an annual review of the actions within LEAF which relate to research quality.

Reproducible science and sustainable science are intimately linked. More robust research will ensure we make progress more efficiently and less wastefully. UKRN is proud to support LEAF, which provides researchers and laboratories with the tools to improve the efficiency and quality of their work. Marcus Munafò, Professor of Biological Psychology, University of Bristol, UKRN Lead

LEAF is also supported by the National Technician Development Centre (NTDC), in recognition that the application of sustainable lab practices improves career development and visibility for technical staff.

By engaging with the LEAF Project, technicians will further boost their progress in delivering a sustainable laboratory and related working practices. Their work in this field highlights the key role technicians play in delivering “the green laboratory” whilst helping their institution contribute to the battle against climate change. Using the LEAF tool will undoubtedly lead to the reduction of their institution’s carbon footprint whether in a teaching or research setting, whilst helping to promote and recognise the major contribution technician’s make to tackling today's environmental issues.-Terry Croft MBE, FIScT, CSci, Founding Director, National Technician Development Centre (NTDC)

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