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JPA are an approved UCL furniture supplier, on the UCL Furniture Framework. They are a local supplier, providing quality furniture with sustainability credentials and fast, reliable service.

JPA take a holistic approach to furniture supply – Every aspect of the business is aimed at reducing the carbon impact of products, services and operation to UCL.

Sustainability Benefits for UCL buyers

Carbon – JPA are based locally to UCL with their head office and warehouse less than 20 miles away in St Albans. With vehicles and fitters in the area and on site almost every day, service visits can be quickly accommodated within existing carbon costs as resources are already in the area. JPA enable Carbon Neutral deliveries and installation, as a Certified Carbon Neutral organisation. JPA are members of the Camden Climate Change Alliance.

Waste and Packaging -  JPA wrapping materials are manufactured with recycled content and are themselves re-used or recycled after use.

Repair / Refurbishment - JPA currently work with UCL to maximise existing furniture investment through a full range of repair, refresh and reupholstery services.  They can also organise, supply and fit spare parts to keep furniture in use for longer and areas fully operational for their occupants.

Reuse - JPA work with UCL wherever possible to re-use existing furniture on campus, taking it down and reconfiguring it on other sites, moving, storing and working with the UCL Logistics Team at Clare Hall to include as much stock furniture as possible in refurbishments and new builds.  To date JPA have re-located well over 1800 desks on campus. JPA also encourage UCL staff to consider Warp-it wherever possible instead of buying new. If UCL have any truly redundant furniture, JPA seek to re-home this locally in the community transporting items to their new home and saving community organisations valuable funds. Local organisations that JPA have supported Castlehaven Community, UCLH, SomersTown Community, Camden Collective, Young Barnet, Barnet Community  organisations.

Sustainable Products - Products are soured from ethical and sustainable supply chains with products eligible for Ska points for sustainable building refurbishments.  Timber is from well managed forests. JPA underwrite warranties of all items supplied.  They also run a repair and refurbishment service which enables UCL to manage existing furniture resources more efficiently and cost-effectively, keep them in operation for longer, wasting less and maximising original investment.

Sustainability reporting – JPA are able to provide a project sustainability report, detailing the reuse of items, carbon and waste saved.

Award Winning Sustainability Recognition
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Please get in touch with Fiona Edwards for any questions on JPA's activities.