Sustainable UCL


Green Societies at UCL

From beekeeping to clean energy, join a UCL society driving social or environmental change.

Climate Action Society

Founded on the principle of Global Goal 13 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Take urgent action to combat climate change, the UCL Climate Action Society (CAS) aims to organise forums, panels, internships, research opportunities and socials. Fashion, finance, medicine, engineering, consultancy - whatever you study and whatever you're interested in, there's a place for you on the CAS team! 

Bentham's Farm

Get your hands dirty with UCL's student-led allotment project

IOE Garden Project

Join a student-led gardening project to boost biodiversity on the roof of the UCL IOE

Green Economy Society

Join the Green Economy Society to find out more about green industries and careers!

Nature and Conservation Group

Care about nature? Join the conservation group and get involved in everything from bird walks to insect nights, talks and volunteering events.


Join PPL PWR, UCL's educational collective where university graduates and students celebrate their research on sustainable technology and innovation.


A fuel cell and electrochemical energy outreach group based at University College London. Educating and engaging everyone with innovative clean hydrogen energy research and concepts

Zero Food Waste

Zero Food Waste want to tackle food waste on campus. They re-distribute food from UCL cafés to homeless shelters, from where it is in excess to where it is scarce. 

Climate Collective

The Climate Collective is a platform providing a space for people from any race, region, background, profession, and so forth, to share their personal stories and experiences of climate change. They delve into the realms of anything, from art to economics, to allow YOU to express yourself openly on the issue of climate change.

Environmental Justice Project

Join the Environmental Justice Project to engage students in years 9 -12 in environmental justice issues and activism.

Roots and Shoots

UCL Roots and Shoots is a project affiliated with the Jane Goodall Institute committed to making a better world for people, animals and the environment. They are looking for volunteers interested in humanitarian, environmental and conservation issues to run workshops for local school children.

Cycling @ Tea-time

There's a lot going on in the world of cycling.  This makes it an exciting time to be involved, but how do you keep up?  Designer or architect, urban or transport planner, highway engineer or academic, or simply concerned with cycling policy, strategy or resources, you are welcome at our periodic early-evening session in central London.  We aim to cover current practice in getting more people cycling, more often, including new infrastructure design, innovations in promoting cycling, and fresh research.  We try to pair up researchers and practitioners working on connected topics.

Environmental Collective

The Environmental Collective UCL is a platform for UCL students, staff, societies, project leaders and others to coordinate for collective action, share and promote events, and discuss anything environmental related.