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Staff Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions are fundamental to UCL achieving it's Sustainability Vision.

UCL is on a pathway to becoming a leader in sustainability. For this to happen we need staff who are enthusiastic about sustainability issues to help improve the environmental impact of your departments. Currently UCL has over 150 Sustainability Champions making UCL a healthier, safer, environment to work and study in. We hope to have a Sustainability Champion in every department.

Image of SRS achieving Sustainability Awards

This is a flexible volunteering role which should be undertaken during working hours and supported by line managers. No prior knowledge is required for this role as training and supervision is supported by the Sustainability Team. This opportunity provides staff with leadership, project management and communication skills as well as knowledge of sustainability and behaviour change methods. Staff can volunteer for the role or be nominated.

What do Sustainabiltiy Champions do?

  1. Primarily Sustainability Champions act as a conduit between their department and UCL's Sustainability Team. They let the Sustainability Team know about departmental sustainablity challenges and issues and dissemenate information from the team to staff and students.
  2. The easiest way to ensure your department is on track to becoming more sustainable, is to take part in UCL's Green Impact Programme for offices and LEAF programme for labs. Sustainability Champions ensure that their department takes part in these programmes by recruiting a team of students and staff to complete the toolkit or undertake them themselves. 
  3. Champions attend and participate in forums, workshops, training and meetings organised by UCL's Sustainability Champion network.
  4. There are ususally a handful of Sustainability Champions per department or office who work together.

What's in it for you?

  1. The Climate Emergency is one of the major global themes of the 21st century and UCL has an important role to play in driving sustainable development. Be part of a network of champions to help UCL contribute to a sustainable future. See our champions in action here.
  2. Receive recognition for your achievements at UCL's annual Sustainability Awards.
  3. Improve your skills in leadership, project management, communication and team work
  4. Meet other people with similar interests in your department and across UCL 
  5. Gain knowledge in sustainability literacy

How can I become a Sustainability Champion?

Anyone can become a Sustainability Champion. If you'd like to become one in your department, or if you have any questions about the role, please contact the Sustainability Team

There are three steps to becoming a Green Champion:

  1. Sign up: Speak to the Sustainability Team about joining, and any help or support you'd like.
  2. Get essential updates: get the Sustainability Team's newsletter and join the Green Champions email discussion list.