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Green Impact Workshop: Waste at UCL

08 March 2022, 11:00 am–12:00 pm

Pieces of cardboard with the text reuse, reduce

All staff are welcome at this Green Impact workshop, which will provide guidance on disposing of waste correctly and being less wasteful at UCL, both as an individual and throughout your department or division's activities.

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UCL staff




Georgia Cavanagh

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Join this workshop to learn:

  • How we reduce, reuse and recycle effectively at UCL to meet the goals of our Sustainability Strategy
  • What happens to your waste after you dispose of it: it's journey from you to the recycling facility
  • How you can engage with initiatives at UCL designed to reduce your individual waste and that of your department or division
  • How to dispose of waste correctly at UCL
  • How to complete relevant Green Impact criteria