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Greenwashing: Who is Truly Delivering on Their Promises? Webinar (Reduce the Juice: Connect)

25 January 2022, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Greenwashing: Who is Truly Delivering on Their Promises? Webinar, Tuesday 25th January 16:00 GMT

Join Reduce the Juice: Connect, the award-winning sustainability engagement programme. This is the third of 7 webinars on a range of sustainability topics, which tackles greenwashing.

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Sustainable UCL

The award-winning sustainability programme Reduce the Juice: Connect is returning in October. Over the course of the year the programme will consist of 7 sustainability and environment focused webinars that will cover a wide range of topics including greenwashing, sustainable food choices and other topics. At the end of each webinar a challenge will be issued, and students and staff who complete a certain number of challenges will earn a University of London issued Sustainability Advocate Award, acknowledging a commitment to sustainability. Find out more about this opportunity below.

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Every day another company, individual or government makes a fantastic claim recognising the climate crisis and setting lofty targets. How many of these entities are following through on these claims and how can we spot the heroes from the pretenders?

In this webinar, Reduce the Juice will be naming and shaming some case studies of greenwashing, discussing how we can research claims of positive environmental action and what you can do to call out the culprits. They will invite the audience to share any examples they have of greenwashing.

Join the conversation about how we can incorporate sustainability and climate action into our daily lives, and find out how you can receive the University of London’s Sustainability Advocate Award by taking part in their monthly challenges.

Other Webinars in This Series

Webinar Calendar: October 19th Introduction to the climate crisis, November 16th Plastics, January 25th Greenwashing, February 8th Climate and race, March 15th COP26 debrief, April 19th Sustainable food, May 17th Biodiversity

The Sustainability Advocate Award

To achieve the University of London's Sustainability Advocate Award, you must participate in a certain number of associated webinar challenges. This is a great asset to add to any CV, especially if you are interested in pursuing a career in sustainability.

Bronze: participate in 3 challenges.

Silver: participate in 4 challenges.

Gold: participate in 5 challenges.

Platinum: participate in 7 challenges.

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