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Laughing Matters. Can humour help us understand climate change?

29 October 2021, 12:30 pm–1:30 pm

Earth in space

Join comedian and environmental economist Matt Winning for a sharing of his stand up comedy that looks at the complexities of climate change. He'll be joined by neuroscientist Sophie Scott, who will share insights into the science of laughter.

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Bloomsbury Theatre
Gower St

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Matt Winning is a London-based Scottish comedian and environmental economist who performs live climate change comedy, hosts the podcast 'Operation Earth' and has a TEDx talk about the importance of using humour to discuss climate change. He is a co-host of the BBC Radio 4 show, Mark Watson and Matt Winning: Seriously, Though, The Planet, and author of the book HOT MESS, due out October 2021.

Sophie Scott is a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience. Sophie’s research investigates the neural basis of vocal communication – how our brains process the information in speech and voices and how our brains control the production of our voice. Within this, her research covers the roles of streams of processing in auditory cortex, hemispheric asymmetries and the interaction of speech processing with attentional and working memory factors. Sophie's TED Talk Why We Laugh, has nearly 3 million views!

This event is free. Places are limited, book in advance online.

This event is part of UCL’s climate campaign ‘Generation One’.  Together we are the new generation taking responsibility for climate action and turning science into actionable ideas. 

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