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How UCL is at the Vanguard of the Green Industrial Revolution

18 February 2021, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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Join this UCL East Lunch Hour Lecture to learn more about UCL's advanced propulsion work.

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It is undeniable that anthropogenic climate change is a significant and time-sensitive global concern. We have built our transport sector on the back of fossil fuel powered internal combustion engines, emitting harmful pollutants during use. With the biosphere struggling to cope, and local air pollution shortening lives, we must make a change to the technologies used for mobility.

This is what UCL’s Advanced Propulsion Lab has set out to do as it tackles the grand challenge of zero-emission transport head-on, and is developing key technologies to clean our air and to mitigate negative impacts on the environment. From hydrogen fuel cells, to lithium batteries, the APL is developing the technologies of the future of transport.

About the speaker:

Dr Michael Whiteley, Director of Strategic Alliance, UCL East

Michael is Director of Strategic Alliances at UCL East, before which he worked in UCL’s Chemical Engineering department, leading hydrogen fuel cell engineering activities.

Michael has a strong academic background in electrified vehicle technologies, celebrating this year a decade of activity in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. He is currently leading our corporate engagement and strategic alliances activities at UCL East; aligning the two worlds of academia and industry through collaborations and investment opportunities, while also maintaining academic involvement on the ground, working with researchers on cutting edge technological advancements.