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Small Steps, Big Change - Virtual Workshop

30 June 2020, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

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Navigating sustainability issues can be complex, disorientating and often overwhelming. Join Sustainable UCL and Jo Hand, co-founder of Giki – Get Informed, Know your Impact – at this virtual workshop to find out how we can all tackle our carbon footprints through small changes that can lead to a big impact.

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Sustainable UCL

We have faced many challenges as a community at UCL in these past few months, including adapting to home working. Although our current lifestyles may not be indicative of what we knew as ‘the norm’ before, perhaps now is a great opportunity to pause and evaluate our usual habits and their impacts. For many of us the current situation has even heralded some positive new habits!

Ahead of this workshop, we would like you to think of one positive habit you have started since we moved to remote working, or one bad habit you have conquered. Don’t worry if you can’t think of any! We will help illuminate those habits you might not have even noticed, or under-valued!

Giki’s mission is to help everyone live more sustainably through the use of free digital tools to help you understand your personal footprint, which is an important first step in discovering ways to reduce it. The tools are:

  • Giki Badges: a mobile app to help you find more sustainable and healthy products in the UK supermarket. Just scan the barcode, or search to check on issues such as carbon footprint, palm oil, better packaging and responsible sourcing.
  • Giki Zero: a brand new interactive, step-by-step guide to a sustainable life, which enables people to understand, track and reduce their environmental footprint.

Giki works with many organisations with a similar mission, including WWF, the Eden Project, as well as zoos, schools and universities.

Please email Katie Robinson to attend.

This workshop will be recorded for the purposes of sharing with Sustainable UCL stakeholders.


Photo courtesy of Renzo D'souza.

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Jo Hand

Co-Founder at GIKI

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